Why We Fail

In reading The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman, I came across this quote:

We fail, not because we do not try to do something, but because we let our little efforts become an excuse for not doing more.

Why is it that we always convince ourselves that in order to do something “right”, it must always include pushing ourselves to the extreme limits of our (or anyone’s) abilities?


Most of our goals are achieved not through incredible effort, but with consistency and longevity.  This includes matters related to heath, wealth, wisdom, spirituality, happiness, and so many more.

We know that shortcuts don’t work, right?  Yet we strive for a workout that makes us cry.  We look for the one investment (or lottery ticket) that will take us instantly from middle class to super-ultra-athlete-slash-movie star rich.

I think because we fear time (or our mortality), we need to convince ourselves that we can avoid the time commitment by adding effort.

If we stop thinking about our goals as having a deadline, then we’ll be equipped for true success.  Instead, think of goals as “being”.  What can you do consistently for the rest of your life?  That will drive much greater success.

P90X is good, but hard.  We tell ourselves we need to push ourselves for 90 days.  Subconsciously, however, we tell ourselves that if we do the 90 days, we can then relax.  What if it was P(forever)X?  If you could do that workout every day forever, then do it, that’s great!  You’ll be in the top 0.5% of fit people.  But what if you can’t?  Then a better goal is to scale down the workout to a routine that you’d be comfortable with forever.

Here’s a free poem for you to change your frame of thinking:

Give yourself breaks,

Do less,

Enjoy the process,

Be instead of do,

…and enjoy “forever” success.


One last thought… if you absolutely, positively, must burn a ton of calories in 30 minutes, try doing this:

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