Wasted Art

I am hosting a design contest for the logo design of my next website, SpreadsheetDojo.com.

In the contest, I received 60 entries for possible logos.  I eliminated the ones I didn’t like, and requested that designers make changes to the logos which were close to my vision.

I received a reply from a designer to one logo which I thought was too serious for my website.  It read:

I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my ninja on this.  I saw the other entries.  At least my ninja has style and not just an ink blot.  I thought this site was about art but I was wrong – it’s about something I don’t grasp.  I’m an artist and designer, and have wasted another piece of my art.  I hope you find your Dojo.

We all create art daily.  Some is drawn with paint on canvas, or digitally created with Photoshop.  Some art is composed in the form of a piece of music.

Other art is much less traditional.  My spreadsheets are my art.  A salesman may have a particular sales pitch which he considers to be his art.  Teachers, no doubt, apply their art to help their students understand new concepts.

Your art must be shared with the world.  Keeping your art to yourself robs the person who badly needs it of the benefits it can produce.

What good is a moving, inspirational speech if it’s never given?

So share your art.  Give it away constantly.  Or sell it.

If you’re creating art as a reflection of yourself, ignore outside opinions.  If you’re creating art to earn money, ignore your own opinions.

The holy grail of art happiness is finding a way to mix those two models.

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