The Relief of Friday

Happy Friday!

After four gruelsome (or awesome) days, the last day before the weekend is here.

Are you tired or energized?  Drained or engaged?

For the ambitious among us, we often rationalize that we must do more in order to get where we want to be.

The desire to do more is good.  That is, until it paralyzes us into doing nothing.

He-Man says, "Master Consistency!"

If you find yourself struggling to achieve what you want to achieve, try doing less.  Ignore the voice inside your head that says “less isn’t enough”.  Or “doing less is compromising my dreams”.

Change your thinking.  I liked this quote from my pastor this week:

Doing less isn’t a compromise.  Doing less is a start.

The only thing that matters is consistent effort toward your goals.  How much, how hard, how heavy, and how fast are nothing more than distractors.  They only matter once you’ve MASTERED consistency.

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