The Business Sponge

Today I introduce you to The Business Sponge.

The Business Sponge is a metaphor for your business, your job, or any money-making project or idea you have.

When you squeeze it (work on your business or in your job), money falls out of the bottom of the sponge.  You can fill it up by adding “content” from the top.

One way to use it is to squeeze really really hard.  And you will get the money that falls from the bottom.

The other, better way, is to add so much content into the top that the sponge becomes saturated, and the money oozes out of the bottom.

If you’re tired at work, frustrated with slow progress, or you just can’t seem to make enough money, then you’re squeezing too hard.

Try adding more content, loosen your grip, and let The Business Sponge become saturated.  The money will fall, just focus on your content.

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