Driving back home after a weekend of adventure in Chattanooga, my friends and I passed a boat with the name It’s Someday.

I’m not sure if it’s my change in thinking over the last couple years that made this name ring so true to me.  Or the fact that our weekend included a two night stay at a haunted riverboat hotel, 145-feet high underground waterfalls, and hang gliding.

This trip wasn’t a once-a-year trip, although the main attraction (hang gliding) was a long time coming.

Nor was it done with big bravado.  There was no time off work taken, no retirement necessary, and no savings accounts depleted for these adventures.  We left Friday after work, returned Sunday night, and used bargain-hunting services like to do it all without breaking the bank.

Too many times in the past, I’ve dismissed the possibility of doing things I really wanted to do.  “I’ll get to it someday”, I’d say.  And I know several people who have deferred any enjoyment of their life until retirement.

I’m not trying to make the case that everyone should travel often.  I’m also not suggesting everyone go hang gliding.  Because those may not appeal to you as they do to me.  You will have to sacrifice doing some things in order to make room for others.  My point is simply this:

Intentionally choose what you do today and also what you put off until tomorrow

Make a list (I use to help you choose and complete.  Once you choose the next one thing you must do, then you will start to notice two things:

  • Roadblocks to doing that thing
  • Helpful tools to doing that thing

Leverage the helpful tools to eliminate the roadblocks.

For example, with hang gliding…

Roadblock: full time jobs
Elimination: leave Friday immediately after work and return Sunday night

Roadblock: money
Helpful Tool:
Elimination: Travel with friends to share costs

Roadblock: fear of heights
Helpful Tool: psychology
Elimination: while I wasn’t able to get rid of my fear of heights, I was able to eliminate it as a roadblock.  I was certainly scared, and uncomfortable… but the experience was worth ignoring that fear for 10 or 15 minutes.

I know it’s corny, but there’s a lot of truth to the saying “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”  Adopt the mindframe that you can constantly adventure, and you will find roadblocks disappear more easily, and helpful tools present themselves.

Don’t defer your dreams.  Someday never comes.

Or, if you want to get technical, every day is someday.

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