Picking vs Being

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When we spend our energy trying to get something, that energy is often wasted.

It’s easy to think that the way to a long and happy relationship is to pick the right mate.

Or the way to a great career is to choose the right job.

While the selection process is certainly important, the belief that your happiness or success is totally dependent on something outside yourself is dangerous.

The problem is this. If you pick wrong, then you have resigned yourself to failure. If you pick right, then you enslave yourself.

You squash growth, because the thing is good, not your efforts. If the thing goes bad, then your only choice is to be unhappy or leave.

The alternative is to focus on being good. Not picking good.

Be a good mate, and you will get a good mate.

Be a good worker and you will find a good job.

Be a good friend and you will attract good friends.

If you find yourself in a bad situation today, change your being first, and an improved (job, relationship, friendship) will almost always follow.

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