Not Your Little Sister’s Mix

I find myself often bobbing my head to teen music, or soft music, or love songs.  All leave me feeling uncomfortable.

Then I heard Rihanna’s song “Umbrella”, covered by All Time Low.  All the enjoyment with none of the discomfort.

So I made this new mix themed after that cover.

Originals from: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Imbruglia, Ace of Base, Celine Dion, Frankie Valli, A-Ha, Louis Armstrong, The Foundations, The Police, The Turtles, Britney Spears, Michelle Branch, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, and Backstreet Boys.

I hope you enjoy it.

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The But Compliment

Compliments are so important in building and maintaining relationships.

Giving a compliment shows the other person you care. It also means you understand and appreciate their efforts. We’re all trying to be our best, in whatever way that is. Receiving feedback that our efforts are working – well, that’s one of the most gratifying feelings we can have.

However – lots of people make a huge mistake with their method of complimenting.

That mistake is adding the word “but“.

The floor looks great after you mopped it, but you missed a spot.

…is hardly better than…

The floor is still dirty.

That’s a pretty basic principle, and easy to fix.  Just stop talking after you pay the compliment, and you’ll be great!


I’m going to take this a step farther, and show how the but compliment can be used successfully.

Try using the but compliment to discount the potentially negative extreme of your original compliment.

It looks like this:

Jason is a really smart guy, but he doesn’t throw it in your face


Jackie is very responsible, but she still knows how to cut loose and have fun

That’s it!  Talk to people this way, and you will give them a warm feeling that they won’t be able to shake.

Feel free to comment below.  Maybe something like…

Wow, Bob, your Bobservation is incredibly insightful… but simple enough to understand and use!

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For My Dog Lover Friends

Today, after I watched my dog get run over by a car, I sat on the side of the road holding him and crying. And just before he died, he licked the tears off my face.

Today my older dog, Sparks, is 16 years old, blind and has trouble walking. My younger dog, Poppy, is 2 years old and spunky. But when it comes time to eat their food, Poppy barks and waits for Sparks to slowly make his way over to the bowl. And on days when he’s too weak or tired, Poppy actually drags Sparks’ food bowl across the tile floor to him.

Today, it has been five years since I last cut myself. Five years ago my dog, Benny, saw me cutting myself in my basement and barked hysterically until I stopped. Every time I took out a razor to cut from that point forward, before I even began, he did the same thing. Benny is my best friend and the reason I gave-up cutting.

Today, our family was spending the day at the beach in Miami when our Labrador Retriever, Jax, got up, ran to the water’s edge and started frantically barking. I called for him, but he just looked back and then continued barking. A few seconds later I realized someone was splashing around in the rolling waves a couple hundred feet out. As they stared down at Jax barking, the lifeguards suddenly saw the stranded swimmer too. After they rescued the woman, one of the lifeguards came over and said, “With all the noise on the beach today and the large waves, I don’t think we would have seen that woman drowning if it hadn’t been for your dog.

(stories reposted from – a great website with incredible short stories.)

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Grandpa’s Cancer

Grandpa’s in his hospital bed,
Fighting cancer that’s in his head.
He squeezed my hand, leaned in to say,
“Thank God for life – thank Him each day.”

“Not because we should fear our deaths,
Or compete with our peers for breaths.
But ’cause life gives us chance to shine,
Our hands together – yours in mine.”

“Life’s about sharing with others,
Give time and cash to your brothers.
I can’t bring my stuff to the grave,
It’s this shared moment that I crave.”

“Problems are opportunity,
To build closer community.
One can say something to hurt you,
Spite never works, so love in lieu.”

“Now, even in my current state,
Weak and feeble, low body weight.
There’s one reason I still feel great,
Present company… that’s you, mate.”

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Worst Waffle House Experience

I had a really bad experience at a Waffle House near my house last night.  The waitress refused to serve me and my friends, citing the reason “I just want to go home”.  And after waiting about 15 minutes, I tracked her down while she was cleaning another table.  I asked if we could order food from her, and she said she had too much to do.  I then suggested I might be better to ask another server for their help, and she said, “That’s your best bet.”

My first instinct is to argue with her, scold her, and condemn her.  But each of those will be nothing more than a primitive response to her rudeness.  I select the higher road, and move on with my life.  At any rate, as I reflected on it today, the following quote came to mind:

Today, make someone else’s day.  Never make someone else’s day difficult.

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Personal Stubble

Personal Stubble

Each morning, I’m hit with an overwhelming feeling;
Infinite possibility makes idleness quite appealing.
How to dress, what to read, and types of music to play;
Which websites I open, who to email, and then – what do I say.
But the single hardest choice which enslaves to the grave;
The ever-present conundrum – whether or not to shave.

When it comes to people, my rules are so simple;
Focus on their beauty, and ignore their pimples.
In other words, love them fully for exactly who they are;
Celebrate their success, don’t entrap them in the cookie jar.
There’s no sense condemning one man’s three-day stubble as weird;
When really, it’s the start of his highly-revered, epic beard.

My best goal is to find and master my passions;
I won’t be swayed by today’s trends, hype, or fashions.
It’s the sacrificed time that leaves us regretting;
No one’s death-bed lament is sweating the workplace setting.
Indecision halts progress and will keep me from running my race;
My choice is to shave or shave not, I’ll avoid a half-shaven face.

What if I choose the wrong choice?
Should I go with the facts, or follow my inside voice?
There is no permanent mistake, just a new intersection – a new decision,
Atomic explosions can too be electricity – with nuclear fission.
I won’t fear the fork in the road, I’ll embrace it when I crash,
Learn my lessons often and turn that old goatee into a brand-new mustache.

Life is not a single big moment, a solitary Super Bowl game;
Nor is it get-rich-quick, instant happiness or 15-minutes of fame.
We create our optimal existence through a series of productive habits;
That is, eating right, working out, sleeping well, and sparring mad wits.
Sharing the little things matter to most folks, whether it’s a cold coke or a bold joke.
Who wants to mingle with a bloke that claims to shave his whole face in a single stroke?

I vow to live my life consistent with my beliefs, in constant pursuit of my dream,
I will take action immediately – before I’m left with dry shaving cream.
Other people will come first; And my ego, I will risk her;
I’ll see the world for the individuals, like my beard made of whiskers.
Making permanent incisions, I will shave off all my strife;
Set free by all my decisions, I engrave my tablet of life.

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