How to Improve the World

Yesterday I talked about your role in the world.  About why you should affect a positive effect on others.  Today I show you how.  Here are some things you can do regularly which will make other people’s days a bit better.

  1. Smile when you make eye contact or greet someone.
  2. Find people’s hidden talents.  These are the ones they are most proud of, but rarely get good feedback about.
  3. Once you find their talent, show appreciation for it, and take a genuine interest in learning about it.
  4. Hold the door
  5. Help someone with your presence, not with your advice.  That means go lend a hand.  People constantly give feedback, but rarely give themselves.
  6. Tip well
  7. Write something nice about a friend.  Make it concise.  One sentence max.  Then make it even shorter.  All meat.  Now, post it on their facebook wall.
  8. Leave things better than how you found them.  No matter where it is.  Your house, someone else’s house, or Best Buy.  Nobody will mind if you pick something up and put it back in its place.

The common theme here is putting other people before yourself.  These are just tricks to stay conscious of ways to do that.


(side note – people pleasers, don’t use this list as a justification to continue to ignore your own needs.  read this book, it’s great)

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