How to Improve the World – Updated

I recently wrote a post on why you should strive to make the world better as a result of your life.  Then I followed up with a post on how to make the world better for other people.

As I let my last two posts settle in, thoughts came at me about things I left out, expansion on some of the ideas, and new ideas I needed to share.

So here it is – How to Improve the World, Part II.

First, I’d like to make one clarification on my original list.  It is not a list that you should check off each item as you do it.  It’s more of a menu than a list.  Pick out the ones that sound good to you, and do those.  If some make you anxious or uneasy, then don’t do them!  I mentioned saying something nice about a friend on Facebook as a way to brighten their day.  I’ve made fewer than one post per year that I’ve been on Facebook.  So that will probably not be one of the “entrees” I select.

Second, I have two additions to the list.  Here they are:

9.  Put your pride aside and live with pure joy.  It’s way more contagious.

10.  Follow the Platinum Rule.  You’ve heard of the Golden Rule, right?  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  While it’s exceptional wisdom, I think it leaves out one thing: people want to be treated differently.  It’s requires a little extra effort to learn how someone wants to be treated, but it’s worth it.  So I propose the Platinum Rule:

“Do unto others as they would have you do unto them”

And finally, some other (possibly random) notes…

Heard a great quote in church Sunday – “Fear is lies believed

That got me thinking about another recent post I wrote, suggesting that we all start making up lies to believe.  I left out a very important distinguishing point.  You can believe productive lies and unproductive lies.

One looks like this: speaking in front of a group leaves you open to ridicule, judgment, and rejection.

The other looks like this: this audience is hungry for my message, is going to receive it well, and will be better off as a result.

Can you tell the difference?  Both may be true, and both may be false.  Do you see why it doesn’t matter which is accurate… but does matter which you believe?

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